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Audio-2000s AKJ-7042 Professional Karaoke Mixer With Digital Key Control & Echo

With digital key control and echo. Key & echo karaoke. Contains three microphone inputs and. Up to three microphone inputs can be mixed with one of the. Volume control knob to control the. Where one control knob is used to adjust the volume of the Mic 3 input and the other is used to adjust […]

Audio-2000’S AKJ-7047 Digital Key Echo Karaoke Mixer, Brand New

AKJ7047 digital key & echo mixer with on-screen display is one of the most advanced karaoke equipment featuring innovative design and user-friendly functions. Incorporated with an embedded digital signal processor (DSP), the AKJ7047 features digital controls with digital/numerical V. Display, microphone echo function, music key control and microphone key control. The AKJ7047 features three microphone […]